6 Easy Energy Saving Tips for Summer

The cost of heating and cooling your home can be a huge chunk of your energy bill, especially during high-use months like winter and summer.

The summer season in particular drives up air conditioning usage with each degree and forces units to run at maximum performance all day long, which causes eventual wear and tear on the system.

A functioning AC unit is essential in those long, hot summer days, but the weather is not the only factor in driving up your cooling costs. Inefficiency also plays a big role in the size of your energy bill. Contractors say that most homes can cut their monthly cooling costs by up to 30% simply by following a few easy energy saving tips:

6. Pay attention to the thermostat.

During the summer, when outside temps can easily approach one hundred, a reasonable number to keep your home at is between 78-85 degrees. Set the thermostat at 78 while you are home, and bump it up to 85 when you will be gone.  

Also, consider having a programmable thermostat installed to better regulate your home’s temperature. These money saving devices allow you to automatically set reduced energy usage while you are out of the house or sleeping. Plus, the savings you get by installing one generally surpasses the cost of installation in less than a month.

5. Use fans.

Never underestimate the power of fans. Fans use little energy, but circulate the air in a room, making it feel cooler inside and more comfortable. Just don’t forget to turn them off when you leave the room.

4. Close curtains.

Closing blinds and curtains during summer days can go a long way in keeping the sun’s heat out and cool air in. You may have to turn on more interior lights, but the energy it takes to cool a home is much greater than the cost of electricity.

3. Pre-cool your home.

In the early morning, before super hot days, you can reduce energy costs by pre-cooling your home. Simply run the AC in your home for a short time when you wake up to lower the temperature. Cooling your home in the morning requires less energy than at midday, and your home will stay cool for longer.

2. Lower your AC unit’s fan setting.

Use your AC unit’s fan more often in the summer by lowering the setting on your thermostat. The fan will remove more humidity, making it feel cooler and boost comfort while saving energy.

1. Don’t forget about those kitchen and bath fans.

Bathroom and kitchen fans are one of the worst culprits in wasting energy. When engaged, these fans remove climate-controlled air from the home and send it outside. So don’t leave them running too long.

Noticeably lowering your energy bill doesn’t have to be a lengthy project. Simply by keeping these six tips in mind, you can reduce your cooling costs this summer.

To find out how you can save more on energy costs, contact an air conditioning and heating repairman to receive an evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency.