Weighing the Cost: Are Ductless Systems More Efficient than Central AC?

efficiency of ductless mini split system


Did you know:

The average American household spends roughly $1,000 per year on heating and cooling.

This number fluctuates depending on the efficiency of your current system. Older systems generally cost more to operate due to their inefficiency.

The question many ask when making a decision about which type of system to install in their home is:

“Which system is the most efficient?”

Central AC Systems

Energy savings are a huge concern today. In an antiquated central air conditioning system, up to 30 percent of air can be lost due to holes, cracks and leaks in the ductwork that the air travels through. Sometimes the ducts are poorly constructed during installation.

Ductless AC Systems

According to Mitsubishi Electric:

“With ductless cooling technology, the need for ductwork and duct maintenance is eliminated, no cool air is lost in the circulation process, cool air delivery is more efficient and you pay less in electric bills.”

You can also choose to purchase a zoned ductless system, which is even more efficient. Each indoor unit can be set to a different temperature, creating separate temperature zones and cooling only the rooms in use. This approach can significantly reduce your utility bills.

The cost of a ductless system will be more upfront, but the savings on utility bills and the efficiency these units offer may be worth the investment.

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