5 Pre-Winter Tasks to Maintain Your Furnace

winterThe Atlanta Metro area will see a wetter winter this year with events like ice and snow, according to meteorologist Rob Guarino.

The Southern jet will be more active than last winter which means two things:

  1. More moisture and possible snow.
  2. Severe winter weather.

The best chance for snow and ice is February 2014, according to Guarino, so be prepared by scheduling a furnace check up with a heating professional.

An inefficient furnace will increase your energy costs this winter and constitute a serious safety risk for your family.

A heating professional will do the following five things during a furnace check up:

1. External Furnace Cleaning

Dust and debris build-up is common on and around the furnace. Loose debris, dead insects, and anything else will be removed.

2. Leak Inspection

A heating technician will check for a gas leak, which is a serious issue. You can also purchase a detector to alert you to a leak. The National Institute of Health recommends detectors with a small LEL (e.g. 15 percent or less).

3. Change the Air Filter

The air filter assures heating system efficiency. A filter should be changed every one to three months. Better quality filters can be replaced less often. A new filter should be installed before winter.

4. Clean the Burners

Furnace burners coated with soot, dust, and debris reduces the efficiency of the unit. It can also shorten its lifespan. A technician will remove the burners to inspect for soiling, and clean them as needed.

5. Clear the Vent Lines

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real threat when the furnace vent lines are clogged. A heating technician should inspect the lines and remove blockages—not a homeowner. A technician has the right equipment, which includes protective gear (such as a face mask) so contaminants aren’t inhaled during the removal.

Unless you have experience diagnosing furnaces, it is best to have it evaluated by a professional.

It’s important to schedule a furnace check up every year. You will have peace of mind that your furnace is operating at peak efficiency with no danger to your home.

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