HVAC Mythbusters: Ductless Mini Split AC Edition

busting myths surrounding ductless AC systems

While ductless air conditioning systems have become popular over the past several years, there are several myths regarding this technology that may keep you from considering this cooling and heating alternative. Proper research and education […]

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6 Easy Steps for Cleaning Your Home Humidifier

cleaning your humidifier

Cold winters bring dry air, causing numerous inconveniences and health issues – from chapped lips and dry skin, to static cling, asthma and breathing difficulties. Humidifiers help reduce these issues by putting moisture back into […]

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4 Summer HVAC Tips

We are once again enjoying a seasonal change, and after a long winter, most welcome the warmer temperatures. However, these changes mean that it’s once again time to turn on the air conditioner which has […]

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Space Heater Safety Tips

Space heaters can be very convenient and more cost-effective when heating small areas in your home. But are they safe? The National Fire Protection Association completed a 5-year study and found that 33% of all […]

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