HVAC Mythbusters: Ductless Mini Split AC Edition

busting myths surrounding ductless AC systems

While ductless air conditioning systems have become popular over the past several years, there are several myths regarding this technology that may keep you from considering this cooling and heating alternative.

Proper research and education are necessary if you decide to invest in a ductless system. Below are five common rumors about these systems that simply aren’t true.

Myth 1: These systems should only be used in new construction.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The ductless AC system can be a great choice for homeowners seeking to upgrade or add a new cooling system to their home.

Myth 2: These systems provide uneven cooling.

While a ductless mini split AC does work differently than a traditional central AC system, it still distributes air evenly and comfortably throughout your space when installed correctly.  

Myth 3: They’re bad for air quality.

Some people mistakenly believe that these systems collect and distribute bad bacteria and dust. However, they actually contain filters and other self-contaminants that keep bacteria away.

Myth 4: Installation costs less.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true. The cost of ductless AC installation depends on the size of your home or business, but it’s generally around the same as a central air conditioning installation. There are instances in which the ductless system may cost slightly more than a traditional system.

Myth 5: Ductless units eliminate energy losses.

Some believe that the absence of ductwork eliminates energy loss. While it’s true that a ductless AC system is typically more energy efficient, technically this is also a myth.

According to one source:

“Other types of energy loss may occur. However, these losses are usually significantly less than the duct losses in a traditional system. This makes mini-split units an energy efficient alternative to installing or upgrading a whole-home cooling system.”

The Takeaway

The moral of this story is a classic one: don’t believe everything you read or hear. Conduct your own research in order to make the wisest decision possible for you and your space. Start by learning more facts about ductless mini split systems.