Air Conditioner Installation and Replacement in Alpharetta, GA & Surrounding Areas

There’s nothing like a Georgia summer day to make you thankful for the invention of air conditioning — that is, until your AC unit suddenly sputters to a stop, leaving you sweaty, stressed, and steaming mad. But don’t give up on your trusty AC unit just yet when help is just a quick call away!

Welcome to Gagne Heating & Air Conditioning, your reliable source for top-quality AC installation and replacement in Alpharetta, GA. With decades of experience in the HVAC industry, our experts are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best service possible. From recommending efficient new air conditioning systems that will save you a bundle on energy bills to supplementing weak central AC systems with ductless mini-split installation, our talented technicians do it all and more to keep you cool, calm, and collected, even on those triple-digit summer afternoons. Learn more about our AC replacement services below, or contact us today and experience the Gagne difference!

Georgia’s Go-To Crew for Air Conditioning Installation

Whether you’re building a brand-new home with the latest new AC systems or just need help replacing an old, outdated window air conditioner unit, we’re here for you. Our team of air conditioning installers understands that AC replacement can be a daunting task, but we’re here to make the process as easy as possible. 

First, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your cooling system preferences and budget. Then, we’ll recommend air conditioning systems that suit your needs and match your ideal cooling capacity. Once you’ve looked over and approved everything, it’s time to install your new air conditioning unit! 

We have decades of experience providing professional installation for every type of HVAC system, from retro central AC units to modern heat pumps and mini-splits, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of your HVAC installation. We only use the highest quality materials and equipment for all of our AC installation and replacement in Alpharetta, GA, so you can rest assured that your new unit will last for years to come. Once we’re finished with the job, we’ll check over your new HVAC system to ensure everything is installed correctly, then leave you to enjoy lower energy bills, increased cooling power, and comfort like you’ve never felt before!

Common Signs of Failing Air Conditioning Systems

If your air conditioner is about to bite the dust, you’ll probably be able to tell that something is wrong. However, not everyone knows how to spot problems with their AC units. Here are a few red flags that indicate you may need a new air conditioner:

Increased Energy Bills

If you notice a sudden spike in your utility bills without a corresponding increase in usage, your AC system may be losing efficiency. An old unit or one that is struggling to operate correctly can consume more power as it works harder to cool your home. AC installation and replacement in Alpharetta, GA, may be the best answer to save money on energy costs in the long run.

Frequent Repairs

While occasional maintenance is expected, frequently needing repairs can be a sign that your central AC unit, heat pump, or other AC system is nearing the end of its useful life. We love spending time with our customers, but if you find yourself calling us for frequent repairs, it might be more cost-effective in the long run to invest in a new system.

Inconsistent Temperatures

If some rooms in your home are too cold while others remain warm, it could indicate that your central air conditioner is not distributing cooled air evenly. This inconsistency can often be a symptom of an aging or malfunctioning unit.

Unusual Noises

Central air conditioner units and heat pumps are supposed to operate silently, so any grinding, squealing, or rattling sounds from your AC system are not to be ignored. These noises can signal that something is wrong internally, such as a loose belt or an outdoor condenser that is about to fail.

Weak Airflow

Weak or insufficient airflow is a common sign that your air conditioner is not working efficiently. This could be due to a problem with the compressor or indicate that existing ductwork is blocked and needs cleaning. Book AC installation and replacement in Alpharetta, GA, to remedy this problem. We’ll make sure your new unit is sized properly based on the square footage of your house so that you don’t need to worry about airflow issues again!

Old Unit

Most residential heating and cooling systems have a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years. If your unit is approaching or has surpassed this age range, it might be time to start shopping for an efficient new system. Older heating and cooling units will cost you more in utility bills and lack the features that newer models with higher SEER ratings offer, such as improved energy efficiency and smart home compatibility.

Moisture or Leakage Issues

Excessive moisture or leakage around or near your AC system could be a sign of a refrigerant leak or an issue with the condensate drain. While not all moisture issues signal the need for new system installation, they can lead to bigger problems if not addressed quickly. Give us a call for efficient and cost-effective solutions!

Bad Odors

If you notice unpleasant odors when your AC system is running, this could be caused by mold or mildew inside your unit or ductwork. A thorough cleaning might resolve the issue, but sometimes, having a replacement unit installed is necessary if the problem is extensive. We stock a variety of systems and can help you select and install the perfect solution for your space.

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"The lady I talk on the phone to schedule the technician was brilliant. She promptly understood my issue with the furnace at the basement and scheduled the technician to come and troubleshoot it right away. The technician was courteous and knowledgeable. He identified the issue and we are now waiting for parts to complete the repair. Great service. Thank you"

-Juan P.

technician repairing client's air conditioning system in Fulton County

Why Choose Us For Your Replacement AC Installation?

At Gagne Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that choosing an AC replacement company can be challenging. That’s why we make it our mission to provide our customers with exceptional service that sets us apart from the rest. Here are a few reasons why so many customers trust us for air conditioning installation:

Honest & Transparent Pricing

When it comes to AC installation, cost can be a major concern for many homeowners. That’s why we offer financing options to help you spread out the cost over time. We also provide upfront pricing that breaks down everything from parts to labor costs, so there won’t be any unwelcome surprises when it’s time to install a new air conditioner or replace a failing system. Along with stocking the latest high-efficiency systems, we also work with you to ensure your new AC installation is as cost-effective and energy-efficient as possible, which will help you enjoy lower energy bills or even qualify for tax credits in the long run. 

Great Customer Service

The process of shopping for, purchasing, and installing a new air conditioner can be exhausting, but at Gagne, we make it simple and enjoyable to keep your home cool. From the moment you contact us until your new system is installed, our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to quality. We’re always glad to walk you through our air conditioning installation services in detail, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone if you have any questions!

Skilled AC Installation Technicians

Investing in a new air conditioner or combined HVAC unit isn’t worth much if it isn’t installed correctly or if it isn’t the correct size to cool off your entire home effectively. That’s why we employ only the most talented air conditioner installation experts with years of experience serving local homes and businesses. We promise that you’ll feel the difference during those hot summer months!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be happy with your air conditioner for many years after we install it. If your new central air conditioning system, heat pump, window unit, or other AC system isn’t meeting your needs, reach out to our heating and cooling experts and we’ll make it right.

Install Your New AC Unit Today!

At Gagne Heating & Air Conditioning, we are here to help with all things AC installation and replacement in Alpharetta, GA, but we don’t just install new air conditioners! We also offer routine AC maintenance and comprehensive AC repair services to ensure that your system continues to run smoothly for many years to come.

Don’t wait until the heat of summer sets in to install a new air conditioning system.  Give us a call today for AC replacement services, and see how we can help bring optimal comfort, reliability, and efficiency to your home!

technician repairing client's air conditioning system in Fulton County