Heating & Heater Repair

It is something no one wants to experience: during a cold winter night, you go to turn on your home’s heating system, and nothing happens. Now, you are not only faced with a cold night under the covers but a lot of uncertainty as to what to do next. That’s why the HVAC professionals at Gagne provide residential heating system repairs for Alpharetta, GA, and the surrounding areas.

When you need heating repairs in a pinch, trust Gagne’s team of technicians to offer dependable and affordable services for your home. No matter what type of heater you own, we have the experience and resources to make effective residential heating system repairs to the unit. For over 30 years, our HVAC contractors have striven to provide high-quality home services in the communities we serve. Experience the Gagne difference the next time your heater requires servicing for an issue.

Gas Furnace Repair Service

When a gas furnace breaks down, it’s not only inconvenient but also dangerous to you and your family. Gas furnaces utilize natural gas as a fuel to create heat, which is then distributed throughout your home via the ventilation system. When a gas furnace fails to ignite the pilot light or experiences another mechanical failure, it could potentially send highly flammable gas into the house. Although many gas furnaces have multiple safety redundancies to prevent gas from leaking, it is very important to contact a professional gas furnace repair service to inspect the unit and ensure its safety and operational capability.

If you require a central heating repair that involves a gas-powered furnace, contact the experts at Gagne to perform quick inspections and emergency furnace repairs to ensure your heating system is operating efficiently, effectively, and safely.

Heat Exchanger Repair

Does your home use a heat exchanger in its HVAC operations? Then, at some point, you will need to have a heat exchanger repair performed. Gagne’s residential heating system repair services also handle all heat exchangers. If your heating system has an incorporated heat exchanger, contact Gagne to perform any central heating repair services necessary to make certain that your heat exchanger provides optimal performance.

Emergency Heating System Repair

When it comes to emergency heating system repairs, trust Gagne to help you and your family. We respond to all service calls, including emergency ones, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your family remains safe and warm during the chilly winter weather. Don’t hesitate to call us as soon as you notice something wrong with your heating system — the longer you waiter, the greater the chance that a quick fix turns into a full-blown emergency. Thankfully, Gagne’s residential heating system repair specialists are always available in a pinch. After all, it’s our duty to keep the community safe and warm all year long!

Gagne is a full-service HVAC company that provides repairs in Alpharetta, GA, and the surrounding areas. Our technicians also handle heating installations and furnace maintenance with ease. Whatever your comfort and safety needs are, Gagne’s team of professional HVAC technicians will be there to perform all essential residential heating system repairs. For more information, contact us today!

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“Gagne installed new HVAC units for me in the Spring. They did an awesome job and the units are great. If I had known they would make such a difference in the comfort of our home I would have done it year ago. I have recommended Gagne several times and everyone has been equally happy.”

-Dave L.