6 Easy Steps for Cleaning Your Home Humidifier

cleaning your humidifier


Cold winters bring dry air, causing numerous inconveniences and health issues – from chapped lips and dry skin, to static cling, asthma and breathing difficulties.

Humidifiers help reduce these issues by putting moisture back into your home or office. These machines are extremely convenient, but they do need to be cleaned well and often. Because they use water, bacteria and mold can accumulate inside.

Here are 6 steps for safely cleaning your humidifier.

1. Consult Your Manual

Before you take your humidifier apart for cleaning, be sure to consult the manual. This can help you avoid any electric parts and may also offer instructions for the cleaning process.

2. Disassemble Your Humidifier

Before you clean, you must disassemble the humidifier. Remove your water tank, filter (if your model has one), and any other removable parts from the humidifier base.

3. Use White Vinegar

White vinegar is a great natural solution for cleaning. Pour vinegar into the tank until it’s full. Place any smaller removable parts into some vinegar to soak. Let the vinegar sit for 30 minutes before using a small brush to scrub away any remaining residue.

4. Bleach for Disinfecting

After you’ve rinsed out the vinegar, it’s time to disinfect. Mix about a teaspoon of bleach into a gallon of water. Coat the inside of your humidifier tank with the mixture and wait for around half an hour before thoroughly rinsing. If you prefer not to use bleach, hydrogen peroxide can also do the trick.

5. Clean the Air Filter

If your humidifier has an air filter, you can clean it by running cool water through it and letting it air dry afterwards.

6. Dry and Reassemble.

After you’ve disinfected your tank, lay out all of the humidifier parts to air dry. Once all parts are dry, it’s time to reassemble. You now have a clean working humidifier.

Are you considering a humidifier or dehumidifier for your home? Keep reading for help on deciding which you need.

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