5 Signs That It’s Time Replace Your Heat Pump

As the winter months approach, your heating system must be working at full capacity to keep you warm the whole time. As the Metro area’s go-to residential and commercial heat and air conditioning service in Atlanta, GA, we know the truth about these systems — heat pumps won’t last forever. How long a heat pump lasts depends on the quality of equipment, frequency of use, and insulation of your home. The system does not have to stop operation entirely for it to need replacement. Let’s take a look at five signs that your heat pump is nearing the end of its life cycle.

Your Heat Pump Is More Than 10 Years Old

Professionals recommend that you get your heat pump every 10-15 years. Even if it has been tuned up in the past, if the pump is over a decade old, it may be more cost-effective to get a more modern unit.

Spike In Energy Bills

If you notice the energy bill climbing up without the addition of a new appliance or more frequent use of others, that could mean there is energy being lost somewhere in your cooling or heating system. The heat pump should among the prime suspects.

Frequent Repairs

While your heat pump could only need a simple repair, your system may become less efficient over time. The cost of repairs will eventually outweigh the value of a new heat pump altogether.

Uneven Heat Distribution

If some rooms are too hot and some are too cold, that may be a red flag you need to replace your heat pump. Make sure your windows and doors are closed in your house. Duct issues or inadequate insulation could be the cause or make a faulty HVAC system worse.

An Unusually Noisy Heating System

Uncommon noises mean something is wrong with the indoor mechanics of your system. A proper HVAC inspection could determine common culprits such as loose vents, worn motors, defective ductwork, and other problems with various components.

How Can I Get My Heat Pump Inspected?

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