Are Air Conditioning Systems Improving?

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People have been trying to beat the summer heat for centuries through many genius and creative ways; however, Willis Carrier, the inventor of the modern air conditioning system, truly changed America with his genius invention.  Even with something as useful as an air conditioning system, there have still been complaints over the years.  Are these issues being cleared up through improvements of the modern AC system?

Electricity Consumption

The amount of electricity that an air conditioning system devours has always been an issue along with the money it takes to keep an air conditioner running. Air conditioning system owners have been remaining “semi-comfortable” for years in order to save a bit of money on the next month’s bill.

Approximately twenty years ago, the typical system would use around 6,000 kilowatts of electricity per hour.  Now, the modern system typically uses 1,710 kilowatts per hour. This is a 250% increase in operating efficiency, which translates into a less-expensive cost of running the system. For most, that’s a definite improvement!

In addition, a unit’s SEER rating is important to consider. The higher the rating is, the better the unit’s efficiency. The recommended SEER rating is at 14 or higher, and new units are manufactured with this high rating. If you are using an old system that is costing you tons of money to operate, purchasing a new system with a high SEER rating may be a great answer for you.

Noise Control

Another complaint over the years has been how noisy air conditioning units can be.  Standing outside anywhere near the air conditioner, one would have to yell in order to be heard. Today, improved fan blade shape and new computer technology have helped to make some of the newer units much quieter: one twentieth of the noise of old units.

Environmental Concerns

Environmentalists have been concerned for many years about the ozone-depleting refrigerants that are used by older air conditioning systems. There is now a new refrigerant known as R410 that is made free of chlorine and has proven much safer for the environment.

At Alpharetta’s Gagne Heating and Air, we can help you decide which air conditioning system would best for your home in order to both keep you comfortable and save as much money as possible. Read this article in our knowledge center to guide you when deciding whether it is best for you to buy a new unit or repair the current one that you have.