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In the brutal, humid days of a Georgia summer, it’s hard to imagine life before the great invention of the air conditioner.

It’s difficult to comprehend the commendable efforts needed to keep cool in the centuries before us! Blowing air through cotton sheets drenched in ice cold water, using aqueduct systems to circulate water through the walls of their home, or placing wet mats on their floors to try and survive the heat were all creative ways people that lived in times before the air conditioner strived to stay cool.

Willis Carrier’s Invention

For those of us that are currently enjoying a cool, comfortable home, we can thank Mr. Willis Carrier for inventing the air conditioner on July 17, 1902. Carrier’s invention literally changed the ways that America works, lives, and plays.

As a child, Carrier struggled to understand fractions, but genius can strike anywhere and at any time. He was sitting on a Pittsburgh train staring out a foggy window. Looking through the mist, he realized he could dry air by passing it through water to create fog. His thoughts were to manufacture air with specific amounts of moisture in it. It only took him a year to come up with this invention to control humidity which was the foundation for the air conditioning system.

Spread of the Air Conditioner

Through Carrier’s invention, the precise control of temperature and humidity were made possible, but it took time for Carrier’s invention to spread. It began cooling in movie theaters, which became popular as the first places to have air conditioning systems. Hundreds would flock to escape the heat and sweat and enjoy a flick.

It also took some time for air conditioning systems to make it into both homes and other public places. It was not until 1931 that the Baltimore and Ohio railroad installed an air conditioning system on their trains. In the 1940’s, the air conditioner made its way onto busses, and it did not reach cars until the 50’s. These days, it’s impossible to imagine buying a vehicle without air conditioning, but it was luxury in those days.

Other Impacts

The “father of the air conditioner’s” invention paved the way for numerous industries to thrive, and many of these industries power our economy today. In the early days, manufacturing of wartime supplies and baked goods were made much easier from the air conditioner.

Have you ever noticed that hospitals are generally very cold?  This is because an air conditioning system helps cut down the amount of bacteria and germs that are prevalent in a hospital setting. You can also thank Carrier for having frozen fruits and vegetables that are in the local supermarkets.

Gagne Heating and Air is proud to be in the business of providing the convenience of such a pivotal invention to the Alpharetta and metro Atlanta surrounding areas.  If you are in need of a new air conditioning system, read this articleto see which factors you should consider.

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