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No matter what kind of air conditioning or heating system you have, it can breakdown at any moment. Inevitable factors such as weathering, the age of your system and malfunctioning parts can all be instrumental in the failure of your unit at a moment’s notice.

While some of these A/C problems are quickly and easily fixable, others are more serious and require the expertise of a professional contractor. But how can you tell the difference?

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Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

This problem is usually caused by one of three issues: a broken thermostat, tripped circuit breakers, or clogged vents. First, see if your thermostat is working. If it isn’t, call a repairman. If it is, check the circuit breakers near your unit next. Look for something that may have tripped the breaker, and reset it once the problem is resolved. If the breaker trips again or the A/C unit still doesn’t work, call a professional. You may either have an electrical issue or clogged vents.

A/C is Making Strange Noises

Some problems you can hear coming from a mile away. Although certain mechanical noises are normal for a functioning air conditioning unit, rattling and/or squealing are indications that there may be a problem. Vibrations and rattling suggest that the unit was incorrectly installed, while squealing is often caused by overly-worn belts in older models – both require the help of an experienced contractor.

Air Conditioning is Running, but Not Cooling Properly

Low refrigerant levels are the most common reason why an A/C system stops cooling as it should. Your unit needs refrigerant – either R-22 or R410A – in order to cool properly. However, you should never add refrigerant yourself!Not only can it be toxic, but an exact measure of the substance must be used per your unit’s manufacturer specifications. Low refrigerant levels likely means you have a leak, so call a licensed metro-Atlanta A/C repairman for help.

Thermostat is Not Picking Up Correct Temperature

Your thermostat should have a sensor to measure the air temperature inside your home. Occasionally, sensors get bumped out of place, causing your system to run sporadically. Check to make sure your thermostat sensor is near—but not touching—the evaporative coil. If it isn’t, then carefully bend the wire to adjust the sensor back into place. If this doesn’t work, then contact an A/C repair provider.

Inside A/C Coil is Frozen

A frozen coil usually indicates either dirty air filters, low coolant levels, or blocked air duct returns. Changing your air filter is easy enough, but low refrigerant levels or damaged ducts will require the knowledge of an expert.

For these or any other problems with your heating and cooling system, contact metro-Atlanta’s premier residential & commercial specialists at Gagne A/C immediately.

Simple Preventative A/C Maintenance

An easy and highly recommended tactic for lowering your chances of an unexpected breakdown is to get your heating and cooling system professionally inspected at least once per year. You want to make sure your system is ready for peak usage, so your home or office isn’t stranded without temperature control during extended periods of blistering or frigid weather. Therefore, heaters should be given a thorough checkup before winter, and air conditioners should be inspected prior to summer. This will save you lots of headaches and expense in the long run.

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