Six questions to ask when purchasing a heating system for your residential or commercial building

When it’s time to purchase a brand new heating system for your commercial or residential property in Atlanta, understand what questions to ask can save you lots of time, money, and headache. You may be surprised to learn that there are numerous types of furnaces and heating systems available. You want the best setup in order to have a warm home or office, while still maintaining a conservative monthly budget for your heating costs.

Whether you need to replace old malfunctioning heating equipment or you buy a furnace for a new structure, be sure to ask the following six questions when selecting and installing a new heating system in your home or business.

Question 1: Do you want a combination heating and cooling system?

First, decide if you want a combination central cooling and heating system. With this type of climate-control equipment, you use the same thermostat for the air conditioner and furnace. With these types of systems, the heating equipment is usually located inside a building (in a basement or utility closet) while the air conditioner is located outside.

In a combo system, both the air conditioner and furnace use the same blower system and ductwork, creating a cooling or heating system that is useful all year-round.

Question 2: Does your building have ductwork?

If your home or office doesn’t have any existing ductwork, then choosing baseboard heating is often a more affordable option. While it’s sometimes possible to add ductwork to a building, it comes at a much higher cost and will sometimes impact the integrity of a structure.

Ductless AC and heating systems are available that are energy-efficient, quiet and attractive. There are also devices that attach to the walls, and an experienced HVAC technician can help you choose the perfect type of equipment for your space.

Question 3: What’s the size of your home or office?

When you need a new heating system, it’s worth hiring a professional to calculate the size of the building. If you choose a furnace that doesn’t have enough power to properly heat the space, then you might have cold spots or frozen pipes.

On the flip side, you also don’t want a heating system that’s too powerful because it will be uncomfortable and lead to more expensive electric or natural gas bills. In some cases, a residential or commercial property requires multiple furnaces, or different types of heating equipment, to maintain optimal warmth all year long.

Question 4: Which type of furnace are you interested in?

Before selecting a furnace, take time to determine if you want a gas-powered system, an oil-based furnace, or a total electric heating system. Many experts believe that natural gas is the most economical choice for effectively heating a building. However, if your commercial or residential property doesn’t have any natural gas lines, you would have to spend quite a bit of money to add them.

There are great reasons to use a total electric heating systems instead, including living in a neighborhood that doesn’t have natural gas available. If you have a combination heating and cooling system, then you must have electricity available for the air conditioner.

Question 5: What efficiency rating do you want?

Furnace manufacturers are required to clearly label a heating system’s efficiency. You’ll definitely want to pay attention to this number. Buying a highly efficient furnace or heating system will allow you to enjoy a lower cost on your monthly utility bills.

HVAC technology has greatly improved in the last few years, so if your home or office still has an old system then chances are your old furnace or heating system is a fraction as efficient as the newest types of equipment. Saving money each month is one of the best reasons for replacing an ancient furnace or heater.

Question 6: Do you want to maintain high indoor air quality?

If you’re interested in avoiding allergic reactions to irritating pollen, pet dander, and household dust, then you’ll want heating equipment that helps purify the air to remove pollutants while also warming the space.

In addition, you should verify that you can buy the right size of basic or high-efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) filters so that you can change these devices at least once a month.

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