The HVAC experts at metro-Atlanta’s Gagne share simple, low cost ways to ensure and improve your business’s energy efficiency

If you’re a business owner, you know what it takes to succeed. You know that every detail and every cent of your business matters. But did you know that, according to the Department of Energy, the average commercial building wastes 30% of its energy? If you’re a small business owner whose energy bill is $1,000 a month, that means 300 of those dollars are being spent on wasted energy.

That’s $3,600 wasted annually!!

Your business’s energy use may consist of running electronics like computers and lighting or running equipment like freezers or walk-in coolers, but over half of the average business’s energy bill is still goes to lighting, heating and cooling a space.

The top business owners work toward energy efficiency in their buildings as a way to help the overall effectiveness and efficiency of their business. There are many ways that you can improve energy efficiency in your business properties.

Here are five ways you can lower your business’s heating and cooling energy use:

  1. Make sure you have (and use) programmable thermostats: Just like scheduled maintenance, installing programmable thermostats make your business’s climate control one less detail you have to worry about.

    These thermostats heat and cool to a set temperature based on the time of day, meaning that you can reduce the heating and cooling load when your employees and customers are out of the business space, saving you money. Then the thermostat can begin cooling the space off again before you open each day.

  2. Change Filters Regularly. When you’re using your central air system, make sure to change the filter monthly. The same goes for when you’re actively using your heat. Clean filters prevent your system from working harder than necessary. Check out our article on changing air filters for more information
  3. Clear Your Vents. Heating and cooling costs can jump by as much as 25% when your system has to work harder to deliver conditioned air because of blocked vents. Make sure that these spaces are clear of furniture, office equipment, and paper.
  4. Sign up for routine preventative maintenance for your business. Signing a contract for seasonal maintenance on your heating and cooling systems, such as with Gagne’s Comfort Club, has big advantages for businesses.

    Routine preventative maintenance on your heat pumps, air conditioners, and furnaces helps your equipment run more efficiently (thus saving you money) and ensures you get the most out of your heating and cooling equipment.

    Signing a maintenance contract with an HVAC contractor also means that you don’t have to worry about scheduling another appointment – your contractor will contact you when it’s time for scheduled maintenance.

  5. Upgrade Intelligently: It’s bound to happen that at some point – you’ll have to upgrade your heating or cooling equipment. Make sure that you’re getting the right size system by working with a good HVAC contractor.

    A good contractor will spend time doing load calculation of the building to ensure that you purchase appropriate sized system for your space. They’ll also offer high efficiency ENERGY STAR furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners that will help you meet your business’s energy goals.

    If you tell your contractor that you want to maximize efficiency, they may tell you about other HVAC options available to you during retrofitting, such as zoning systems to help you heat and cool particular spaces when you need it.

These are five great steps to help make sure you’re cooling and heating your business efficiently.

Another great, no-cost way of increasing the efficiency of your business’ heating and cooling system is to educate your employees. Make sure they know not to mess with a programmable thermostat, that they don’t block air vents, and that they don’t leave windows or doors open when your systems are in use.

When it comes to heating and cooling your light commercial business, Gagne is here to help you make sure you receive quality service and that you’re purchasing the best equipment for the job.

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