These natural, energy saving techniques can help keep your home comfortable all year long

natural heat and cooling

A refreshing, cool home in the scorching hot summer months is blissful, just as a warm and toasty home in the middle of a frigid winter makes the cold bearable.

The unfortunate reality, however, is that the constant use of your air conditioner or heater can get extremely expensive, and costly monthly energy bills take their toll on your bank account. The good news is if you want to successfully cool or heat your home without spending an arm and a leg, you’re not out of luck.

Natural ways of heating and cooling are free, and they can help reduce your reliance on the AC or heater. Here are some tips to get you started:

Natural Cooling Methods for Your Home

Shut Your Blinds

If you want to enjoy a home environment that feels cool and comfortable on a hot, sunny day, shut your blinds. Windows are a huge source of undesired heat. Taking the time to use curtains and shades can protect your home’s interior from letting in this excess heat. Shutting the blinds can reduce your indoor temperatures significantly and also cut your energy bills by as much as 7 percent.

Invest in a Fan

Fans are highly effective home cooling options. They make your home feel nice and breezy no matter how hot it is outdoors. They’re substantially less expensive to run than a central AC system and can be moved throughout your home with ease.

Open Your Windows at Night

Nighttime temperatures tend to be lower than during the day, so consider using this to your advantage in the summertime. Open your windows before turning in for the night. You’ll be able to revel in the cooler air all night long, which can even encourage a more restful sleep.

Note: Remember to shut the windows in the morning. Failing to do so will let in heat throughout the day and leave you worse off than before.

Energy Saving Home Heating Options

Use the Sun’s Heat

If you want to heat your residence naturally, the sun outside your window can do the trick. Focus on any windows in your home that point south, and open their blinds or curtains. Doing so will give sunlight the opportunity to heat your living space evenly.

Look for Leaks

Leaks can be a big problem for people who want optimal wintertime warmth. Walk around your house and look for any leaks that may be allowing unwanted cold air inside. If you locate any, take immediate action. Seal them carefully and meticulously.

Leaks are common in areas surrounding chimneys as well as areas near closets and cupboards. It’s also wise to make use of weatherstripping or caulk. Use these tools to close air leaks by the windows and doors in your home.

Cover Drafty Windows

If you want a warmer home, cover any windows that are especially drafty. You can do so with a transparent plastic sheet. Transparent film also works, which you can pick up at your local hardware store. For maximum success, your sheet or film should be firmly in place to decrease filtration.

Pay Attention to Pet Doors

Pet doors can let in cold, wintry drafts. To keep unwelcome drafts from pet doors at bay, use weatherstripping. Thick curtains can also do the job.

Start Saving Today

All it takes is a bit of resourcefulness to keep your home comfortable naturally. If your efforts are still leaving you uncomfortable in the heat or wintry weather, the professionals at Gagne AC are here to help. We offer expert heatingand cooling repair and installation services to help you keep your Atlanta home at the perfect temperature. Contact us anytime.

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