11 Considerations for Your New Home’s HVAC System

Thinking about replacing your old air conditioning unit? Not to worry! At Gagne A/C, we have the perfect guide for what you need to know.

new home HVAC considerations

Installing a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is an expensive affair, making it somewhat of a long-term investment as far as comfort and energy efficiency is concerned. With this in mind, it becomes difficult to make the right choice without sound expert advice.

Not to worry though! At Gagne Heat & A/C, we have the perfect guide for what you need to know.

If you are looking for the best HVAC system, then you just landed in the right place. We have taken the initiative to provide you with a checklist to consider when looking for a new home or office with a high performing HVAC system.

Consider the following:

1. Load Calculation

When choosing the best heating and cooling system for your new home, a certified HVAC technician should first perform what is known as a “load calculation.” A professional load calculation measures several aspects of your home to determine what style, size, and application of HVAC system will be the most cost-effective and efficient.

2. Efficiency

Higher efficiency means lower energy costs, and lower energy costs mean less money spend on your monthly utility bills. In the long run, a highly efficient HVAC system will recoup the money you invested into it. Ensure that you check for a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating higher than 13. The higher the rating, the lower the cost your new system will be.

3. The Refrigerant

Ensure you get a system that meets the environmentally friendly R-410A standards. R-22 standards were phased out in 2015.

4. Filter Dryer

Installing a filter dryer in an AC liquid line will extend the compressor life since it removes grit and any damaging moisture.

5. Return Air Considerations

For conditioned air to get into a room, an equivalent amount of air has to get out. If this does not happen, the conditioned air will not have a space to occupy. To achieve this, each room should have a return-air diffuser and an entering-air diffuser.

6. Condenser Coil Type

Look out for coils made out of single metal, such as aluminum or copper fins and coils, because they will last longer. This is effective in environments that are a little corrosive. In environments with salt spray, specially coated coils are recommended.

7. Indoor/Outdoor Unit Location

For both indoor and outdoor units, consider the aesthetics. Make sure you place the outdoor unit somewhere where that it neither be seen nor heard, or well concealed. For indoor units, furnaces in open closets render servicing easier, and there is less likelihood of leakage.

8. Ductwork Design & Type

It is important to make sure you install ducts that are correctly sized and balanced to ensure the comfort of a home. Round ducts that are insulated also tend to have higher efficiency ratings.

9. Balance Dampers

The balance dampers should have some gap between them and the diffusers and be balanced by the right technician with the required tools.

10. Air-filter Location

The filters should be located where they are easily reachable because it is recommended that they be changed periodically.

11. Repair Options

Consider the availability of certified repair technicians near you. It is important to find do proper research so that you can know what to do in case or repair emergencies, especially if such services are far away. In the latter scenario, check whether there are repair and maintenance services near your place of purchase. This will save you the trouble of trying to look for one in case of any future emergency.

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