Replace or Repair? Five Factors That Will Help You Make the Big Decision

On a hot and humid Georgia afternoon, there’s nothing better than coming home to a cool house to relax. Air conditioners are an important part of any Southern household, and if your heating and cooling system has started to malfunction – leaving you sweating in your own home – then it’s probably time to take preventative measures with your A/C unit and call in an air repair professional.

This is where the real dilemma comes in! Do you repair your not-so-spry system, or should you bite the bullet and replace the whole thing? Here are five factors to think about as you make the big decision:

  1. Warranty. Newer units may still be under the original warranty and can help significantly with repair costs as issues arise.
  2. Wear. If your unit has made it close to 12 years, it has fulfilled its expected lifespan and it may be time to replace it. Many of the problems with A/C units are a direct result of the age of the unit. As expensive as it may be up front for a new system, new A/C systems can actually cut down on costs by 20% as modern units are designed to be more cost effective, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. There’s also tax incentives for getting a new, more efficient A/C unit.
  3. Estimated Repair Costs. One good rule of thumb is to calculate the estimated cost of all the needed repairs and compare it to the cost of replacing your unit. If the repair costs are less than 50% of the price to replace it, simply spend the money to repair your unit. However, if it’s going to cost more than 50% of what it would cost for a brand new unit, definitely replace.
  4. Budget. Sometimes it’s as simple as not having the money in your budget to replace your unit. If that’s the case, give us a call and talk to us about our financing, as well as our specials and promotions.
  5. R-22 Coolant. You might think that coolant is an oddly specific component to be a determining factor, but here’s the deal: R-22 coolant is slowly being phased out of use and a more environmentally friendly coolant called R-410A is taking its place inside A/C units. As a result, R-22 is becoming more scarce and expensive as it becomes obsolete over the next few years. If your unit is leaking R-22 coolant, you should highly consider replacing it – not only for the cost of constantly refilling your unit but also to keep the environment around your home healthier.

Another important factor worth mentioning is the comfort level of you and your family. If your kids and spouse are constantly uncomfortable and sweating in their pajamas at night, then it might be time to replace your unit. New units distribute the air evenly while consistently controlling the airflow throughout your home.

Hopefully these five factors bring some clarity to your replace or repair decision. Still not sure what to do? Gagne AC is here to help! If you’re in the Metro-Atlanta area, have one of our professional HVAC technicians come out and take a look.

For more information on heating and cooling issues, take a look at our online blog and knowledge center.

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