Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat regulates the temperature automatically based on a series of programmed settings for different times of the day.

We all have our daily routines, which include changing the thermostat at least twice a day: when we leave and when we return.

Imagine never having to worry about adjusting the thermostat.

How Programmable Thermostats Work

Many programmable thermostats can be set to work at different times on the weekend than it does during the work week, typically referred to as a 5-2 system.

Energy savings become even more important during tough economic times such as these. Forgetting to change the thermostat before leaving for the day can be costly, especially when it happens several times a month.

Why rely on your memory to adjust the thermostat when you can program it once and forget about it? And if you’re like most people, you don’t want the temperature to be the same in every single room.

Programmable thermostats accommodate for different temperatures in different rooms by offering as many as 8 temperature zones to control.

For example, most people are more comfortable sleeping in a cool room, but don’t need the entire house to be kept as cool all night. Why cool the extra bedroom, the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom just so that you can have a cool master bedroom?

Technology helps us do things faster and more efficiently, and that includes programmable thermostats.

With today’s technology, the programmable thermostat allows you to heat and cool only the rooms you desire, and only at the times you need it.

Another major benefit of programmable thermostats is the ability to set it to adjust the temperature before you get home. Everyone knows what it feels like to enter a closed up house in Georgia in the middle of a stiflingly hot day. Hot! Hot! Hot!

It can take the air conditioner well over an hour to reach a comfortable temperature, not to mention the amount of “extra” work your air conditioner must perform each day. And when you over-work an appliance, it ages faster and is far less efficient.

Think of how wonderful it will be to come home from work in the heat of the day and enter a cool house because the air conditioner came on before you even arrived.

Georgia’s hot weather makes it a great place for a residential programmable thermostat. You will be amazed by its ability to keep your home feeling comfortable when you need it most.

We invite you to continue browsing our blog and knowledge center to learn more about programmable thermostats, as well as heat and A/C in general. And if you’re interested in getting a programmable thermostat or a general servicing of an existing unit, or just have a question, feel free to contact our exceptional team of Norcross A/C technicians at Gagne A/C today!!