Carrier’s Attention to Environmental Friendliness

Helping out the environment is never a bad thing. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly important as humans continue to consume large quantities of the earth’s natural resources. Over the past couple decades, the team at Carrier has taken extra steps to ensure that they create products and technologies that allow individuals to alleviate some of the negative influence they can have on the environment with their heating and air conditioning system.

The Refrigerant: Puron

Puron, also known as R410, was developed by Carrier in 1994 as a more efficient refrigerant that was more environmentally friendly than other options for heating pumps and air conditioners. Throughout the 21 years since its invention, Carrier products using Puron have proven to be not only easier on the ozone layer, but high-ranking in the efficiency and reliability categories. This has given Carrier products an advantage, especially since the EPA is now phasing out units that use ozone-depleting refrigerants.

Greenspeed Technology

The Infinity Heat Pump by Carrier has received high praise for its efficiency and technological advances. These pumps also contain Greenspeed™, which is a control feature that enables the unit to more efficiently deliver heat and air to the home. The pump is able to detect subtle changes in temperature (inside or outside the home) and adjust itself accordingly, directly interacting with the environment. Consumers are also allowed precise control of air filtration and fan speed, thus saving valuable money and energy.

Going Green in Manufacturing

Carrier has also taken steps to ensure that its manufacturing process is as environmentally friendly as possible. Carrier requires its manufacturing plants to use recycled paper and has been a leader in water and waste recyclability. Carrier has also been in the running for many awards of environmental excellence and awareness, giving conscious consumers peace of mind.

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