Commercial HVAC Malfunctions That Differ from Residential A/C Issues

A good quality HVAC unit that is well-maintained is usually very reliable. In fact, yours might even be older than your business! Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and commercial HVAC malfunctions do arise.

Residential A/C units are handled a little differently, so we’re going to focus on common commercial HVAC problems.

  • Blown Fuse. Located in the evaporator coil, fuses protect your HVAC unit from overheating. As annoying as this little piece malfunctioning may seem, the fuse will go out before the motor or compressor overheat and damage the unit further. So, it’s actually a very helpful and necessary component.
  • Clogged Drain Lines. As your HVAC unit is exposed to years of usage, drain lines often become clogged with dirt or mold, causing the lines to back up. Not only will your unit stop running properly if this occurs, but it can also leak and cause water damage in your building. Yikes!
  • Worn Contactor. Contactors are the point of connection for the electrical current that runs through the unit. Most commercial HVAC units have 3 contactors— one in the compressor, one in the condenser fan motor, and one in the blower motor. If the contactors are worn, the electrical current will not pass to these needed parts as easily causing your unit to malfunction.
  • Dirty Air Filters. If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times! Dirty air filters restrict proper airflow throughout the unit. Check and change your air filter at least once every four to six months.

Commercial HVAC units are complex systems that are working hard to keep your place of business comfortable and effective. Remember to have professional HVAC technicians keep regular maintenance on your unit so they can help fix these problems.

For more information on your commercial HVAC unit, check out our online blog and knowledge center. If you have any questions, we’re here to help! Call our air repair hotline at (678) 221-4328.