Customer Story

Here at Gagne Heating & Air Conditioning, we believe in 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means we take customer service very seriously and our customers notice! In this section, we’ll take a minute to highlight one of our many customer success stories.

Not long ago, reviewer rtrbama dialed the number of a local HVAC company to price a replacement of his 20-year-old AC system. He was pleasantly surprised when Eric Gagne, one of the owners of Gagne Heating & Air Conditioning, picked up the phone and scheduled a time to come by personally at 7pm that night.

I was skeptical as anytime I have used AC contractors in the past you need to pad 2 hours. Well all I can say not only did Eric make his time, he was actually several minutes early. He spent over an hour with my wife and me walking through all the options.”

Eric then sent over a written estimate that night of all he had discussed with the couple. The couple selected Gagne over several other companies, and the next day they received a call from Jeff Gagne, Eric’s brother, about scheduling the install. Jeff himself was there for the install and met with the couple.

“You have to love when the company owners are performing the work with their crew,” writes rtrbama. “Eric followed up the next day in person to insure that my wife and I were satisfied. All I can say is wow; it is refreshing to have selected a company that truly cares about quality and service.”

Jeff Gagne later thanked rtrbama for his positive review, adding

Eric and I make ourselves available to every customer in order to offer the best solution possible. We pride ourselves on selling the customer only what they want/need and not upselling unless it is in the customers best interest.”

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