Sniffing Out Common Heater Problems Early

detecting heater problems

When you turn on your heater, do you notice an odd smell? It may be an early sign that something’s wrong with your system.

Here are five common odors homeowners may smell when turning on their heaters.

1. Burnt or dirty smell

When you first turn on your heater, you may smell something burning. This smell is typical of heaters, especially when they have gone unused for awhile. This is because your heater is burning off any debris that may have settled in the ducts during this time. Typically, this smell will stop after the first use; however, if it persists, it could indicate another problem.

2. Lingering, musty odor

Persistent musty odors can be a sign of mold. Mold tends to thrive inside heater filters, making it very important to change and clean your filters regularly.

3. Burning smell

A persistent burning smell could mean one of several problems. It could be as minor as an object that’s lodged in the air ducts and becoming overheated, or as serious as an overheating motor. Either way, if you smell something burning, it’s in your best interest to call a heating contractor. Your safety could be at risk.

4. Smell of gas

If you use propane or a natural gas furnace to heat your home, the smell of gas is certainly cause for concern. This could mean that you have a gas leak or that your pilot light has gone out. If relighting the pilot light does not cause the smell to go away, evacuate immediately and call a professional. Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous.

5. Sewage smell

An overwhelming sewer smell could mean that leaking sewer gas is being sucked in from your heater’s air intake and circulated around your house. It could also mean that you have a breach in your ductwork. A heating contractor will be able to help you narrow down the source of the problem.

If something doesn’t smell quite right when you turn on your heater, contact the experienced heating contractors at Atlanta’s Gagne AC. Even in an emergency, we’re prepared to help with any heating problem you may have. Call us today at (678) 221-4328.