How Do Ductless Mini-Split AC Systems Work?

mini split air conditioning system

A ductless mini split air system works very similar to central air conditioning, but… you guessed it… without ducts.

In a ductless system, the indoor unit takes the warm air that’s already in your home and blows it over cold, evaporator coils. The outdoor unit expels warm air from your home.

In a central air conditioning system, the smaller indoor unit is located in a closet or attic. In a mini split system, however, it’s actually located in the room it is cooling – usually mounted on the wall near the ceiling. The fact that the indoor unit is in the room is the reason no ducts are needed.

The compression/condensing unit located outdoors applies pressure to the refrigerant and then disperses air to the indoor apparatus. This indoor unit consists of three elements:

  • the evaporator coil,
  • a blower, and
  • an air handler.

In a ductless mini-split system, there is more greater energy efficiency because the units located indoors are strategically placed throughout the home.

The system works by pulling warm air from the room into the system and blowing cold air right back out. The ductless system can cool the entire home by connecting multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit.

Most ductless mini split systems are also able to serve as heat pumps. This means it can heat and cool your home without having to have a separate heating system or furnace.

Ductless mini-split systems are very common in Europe and Southeast Asia, and they continue to gain popularity here in the good ‘ole USofA.

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