3 Benefits for Installing a Ductless HVAC Unit

Looking to update your office’s HVAC unit but don’t want the added expense of running new ductwork? A more cost-effective option you should consider is getting a ductless air conditioning unit (also known as a mini-split) installed instead.

A ductless air conditioning system is made up of an outdoor unit and smaller, individual air handlers. These air handlers are small enough that all you need to install them is a small hole in an exterior wall connecting to the outdoor unit.

See below for three great reasons why you ought to consider getting a ductless mini-split HVAC system installed in your home or office.

Energy Efficient

Installing a ductless A/C will lower your energy usage compared to the ductworks of a traditional HVAC unit, which generally lose around 30 percent of the energy produced. Energy loss from traditional HVAC units can occur in two different ways: leakage (of both cooled and heated air) caused by improper sealing, and conduction caused by poor insulation (this typically occurs when the system moves through an uncooled attic).

Zonal Coverage

With a ductless A/C unit, you have the freedom and flexibility to heat and cool the rooms of your choosing. During installation, an HVAC technician can place an air handler in each room. These handlers work independently, giving you the ability to turn off the ones not in use. In this way, you aren’t wasting energy by heating/cooling spaces that are unused or unoccupied.

Simple to Install

Rather than having to run new ductwork to update your HVAC unit, choosing to install a ductless system means you only need to install an air handler in each room and connect it to the outdoor unit through a small hole in the exterior wall. Moreover, the absence of ductworks will make the rooms feel larger.

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