Faulty A/C Damages Irreplaceable Piece of Art

In Italy’s Galleria Borghese art gallery, a faulty air conditioning system has led to severe damage of a priceless work of art. Raphael’s Deposition, painted in 1507, is one of the museum’s highlight paintings, according to artnet news. This summer however, it fell victim to high temperatures and humidity as Rome’s temperatures climbed to an Atlanta-like 95 degrees.

The Importance of Effective HVAC in Art Museums

The museum, though it houses one of the world’s most exclusive collections of Renaissance art, apparently has an air conditioning system in need of a serious upgrade.  As a home or business owner, you may know the importance of controlling the heat and humidity in your home to ward off problems like mold growth or warped furniture.

But in the world of museum curation, the need to maintain an environment that is stable in temperature and low in humidity is essential to preserve items such as the 500-year-old Deposition.

American museums, such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, recommend an environment that is 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of 45-55%.  In comparison to the Galleria Borghese, many American museums have computer-controlled HVAC systems that maintain a 70-degree temperature with a relative humidity level of 50%.

All areas of the museum have a sensor, which alerts maintenance crews if the levels fluctuate more than 2 degrees.

Compare this to the scene in Italy, where the weary A/C system was unable to ward off high temperatures. This led to the museum staff opening windows and placing fans and a dehumidifier next to the priceless wood panel painting, which was warping in the heat.  The painting eventually had to be removed from the gallery for emergency conservation measures, which helped reduce damage.

Managing Your Own Home Climate

While your home may not include any priceless works of art, we know how priceless your home and belongings are to you. A well-equipped A/C system protects your home from damage caused by high levels of humidity, including mold, dust mites, and warped wooden furniture and molding.

Beyond air conditioning, we also offer a wide array of whole house dehumidifiers, which can supplement your A/C in maintaining a cool, dry environment. They can also protect your home during transitional times of the year when you may not be using your air conditioner.

In our Northern Georgia climate, the low humidity that occurs during the winter heating season can also be a threat to your home, as well as your health. Gagne offers whole house humidifiers as a more complete, lower maintenance option to room humidifiers.

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At Gagne Heating and Air, we’re here not just to keep you comfortable but also to protect your home and belongings with effective climate control solutions.

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