Get a Better Night’s Rest With AC

A woman's hand lies next to a remote controlled thermostat

If you think an air conditioner is just to keep your room cool in hot summers, think again. Studies have proven that cooler temperatures can also assist with a good night’s sleep, which is something everyone wants. Here are some considerations to help you sleep better with your air conditioning.

What is the Ideal Temperature to Sleep Better at Night?

Face it! It is not ideal when you wake up in the middle of the night because it is too warm in summer. If the room is too hot or cold, your body will not allow you to fully sleep because it will keep trying to adjust its temperature to the outside conditions. If you want a good night’s sleep, you may need to crank up the AC.

Experts agree that the optimum temperature for sleeping well at night is anywhere between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Falling asleep with the thermostat set anywhere within this range means your body does not have to regulate its own temperature since the room is already comfortable enough.

How to Maintain Clean Indoor Airflow?

While it is always ideal to have a cool internal climate, it’s common for homeowners to worry about whether the air they are breathing is purified or not. Luckily, some maintenance and AC service tips mean you can use your cooling system to your advantage.

Clean the Filters Regularly

If the air conditioner filters are not regularly cleaned, they will accumulate dust, bacteria, and fungi. Dirty filters will spread germs and bacteria throughout your home, which will result in respiratory problems and allergies. Checking and cleaning your filters regularly can prevent this problem.

Lubricate Parts

It is important for all the parts of your air conditioner to work properly, ensuring the system runs smoothly and uninterrupted. Any issue inside will force the AC to work harder, and it still may not perform as efficiently. Having your unit inspected and serviced just before the summer can prevent this problem.

Control Humidity

An environment that is too humid or too dry will make you feel uncomfortable and possibly keep waking you up at night, so make sure you control both the temperature and humidity in your home to get the most out of your AC while asleep.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can make a huge difference in the efficiency of your air conditioning system in the summer. For all your AC system repair needs in Alpharetta, GA, contact Gagne today.