Heating and Air Installation Errors Could Be Costing You Money

Here at the Gagne Heating and Air blog, we’ve talked before about how important it is to choose a professional HVAC contractor, such as one who is NATE Certified.  Recent research by the National Institute of Standards and Technology now has three years of testing to back our claim.

The research by NIST found that improper installation of furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners can increase a household’s energy consumption 30% over what it should be.  Furthermore, the study found that these errors occurred in the majority of installed heating and air systems.

The installation errors NIST investigated may not seem very significant at first glance, but they added up to substantial extra energy costs. The most common errors included:

  • Leaky Ducts
  • Improper Refrigerant Charge
  • Oversized Systems
  • Restricted Air Flow.

Of the faults, leaky ducts cost homeowners the most in wasted energy costs. The worst-case scenario for energy losses that NIST found might apply to your Atlanta home: homes in hot, humid climates with leaky ductwork in an unimproved attic.  You can learn more about how to test your ductwork for leaks by visiting our Knowledge Center.

The study highlights the importance of making sure that your home’s heating and cooling equipment is properly sized, selected and installed according to industry-recognized procedures.

At Gagne Heating and Air, our technicians work towards earning North American Technician Excellence certification, which involves a varied approach of work experience, rigorous testing, and continuing education. We take every installation and service job seriously. If you would like us to assess your system for proper installation and potential energy losses, contact us today.