HVAC and Google Glass – The Next Generation of Heat & A/C Repair?

While air conditioning and heating systems might seem like a standard part of our modern lives, they’re relatively new technologies in the course of human history. Furnaces in American homes have been around since the turn of the 19th century, while air conditioning is just over 100 years old. And over the course of these air systems’ histories, they’ve continued to evolve into more compact, controllable, efficient machines.

Since heat & A/C systems are really continually evolving technologies, it makes sense that those in the industry might be drawn to other new technologies. One technology that has piqued the interest of a Las Vegas HVAC contractor is Google Glass, Google’s wearable computer whose optics are displayed on the glasses’ lenses.

People have different reactions to Google Glass. Some think Glass is cool in a sci-fi kind of way, while others are concerned about breaches of privacy and the effects of hyperconnectivity. Whatever you think about Glass, you might be surprised to find out that contractors in the heating and cooling industry are starting to use this cutting edge technology.

Las Vegas Air Conditioning is advertising that their technicians can use Google Glass during their diagnostic of your central air system or heating system so that you can watch the entire process from your laptop or tablet.

While it may seem hokey, watching your air technician perform a diagnosis on your air conditioner could give you peace of mind that you’re not paying your contractor for unnecessary service hours. Plus, it might be sort of cool to watch exactly how your air conditioner is brought back to life.

Those who follow the emergence of Google Glass see other implications for use in the HVAC industry as well. For example, technicians and contractors could use Google Glass to pull up large manuals for reference using Glass when they would otherwise half to lug the manual into a tight space during installation and repairs.

A solar company has already started doing this….

Or, technicians may be able to share live video feed with a senior technician if they run into problems on the jobsite. Customers might also be able to watch their slated technician’s current location on GPS, so they would know when to expect the technician at their home.

Of course, the use of Google Glass is just an emerging technology in the heating and cooling industry for now and it’s yet to be seen if the technology will really catch on with contractors and the general public at large.

Fortunately, there is still a way to make sure your air conditioning and heating systems are properly installed and serviced.  The low-tech way of ensuring the quality of the work performed by your HVAC contractor is to hire a reputable company that you trust, not one that you have to monitor on your computer screen.

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