Inexpensive Commercial Energy Upgrade: HVAC Recommissioning

As an owner of a commercial building, you may be all too familiar with high utility bills, and you may even already know that for the average commercial building, 40% of utility costs go to the heating and cooling of that space, according to the EPA.

But did you know that there’s a relatively inexpensive way to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial HVAC system that can reduce your energy bills? It’s called recommissioning.

When your existing HVAC system was installed, it was (hopefully) properly commissioned. HVAC commissioning is the process of an HVAC contractor (possibly in conjunction with an engineer) testing a building’s newly installed system to ensure that the system is working properly from startup, to sequence of operation, to shut down. The process also makes sure that the equipment’s advanced sensors and controls are properly balanced and adjusted.

Recomissioning is the process of checking and fine-tuning a sophisticated HVAC system again. Commercial HVAC systems tend to “drift” over the course of several years, which means that their performance and level of control slowly degrade to suboptimal heating and cooling results, and possibly higher energy bills. That is why commercial HVAC systems should be recommissioned every three to five years.

Recommissioning can lead to substantial energy savings as well as improved comfort of building occupants, which means that, like routine maintenance of a commercial HVAC system, recommissioning helps elongate the life of existing HVAC equipment. Compared to replacing what seems like a dissatisfactory system, recommissioning can improve heating and cooling results at far less cost.

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