4 Money Saving Secrets Other HVAC Companies Won’t Tell You

HVAC secrets


All of us in the South depend on our home heating and cooling systems to keep us comfortable, especially during the summer and winter months.

So when your A/C or furnace breaks down in the middle of August or January, you want to get it fixed ASAP!

But before you rush into calling a local HVAC repair company, make sure you know these secrets that most HVAC companies won’t tell you about their services.

The Right Size Matters

Don’t let a company convince you to buy a bigger system then you need. Yes, a bigger system will heat and cool your house more quickly, but at the expense of causing your system to turn on and off more often. This means more wear and tear, more repairs.

Not only will you potentially need more repairs, but a bigger size unit costs more to install and maintain. Make sure your house is measured accurately, so you get the right size unit.

Get Second Opinion

We recommend getting a second opinion on any repairs and replacement parts. And of course, when you need to replace your unit, do your research and don’t rush or feel pressured into making a decision.

Making the right decision will save you money on unnecessary repairs in the future.

“Free” Services Are Never Free

We all know that most advertised “no-cost services” are rarely really free. There’s almost always a catch.

Don’t fall for this offer. Ask a friend for a recommendation or read online reviews to find a good HVAC company in your area.

Finding a good company that you can trust will save you money. Most HVAC companies will give you a quote for services over the phone or online.

Make Sure You Check Your Air Filter and Breaker

When a system stops working, many times it’s a simple fix. Before you call to get your HVAC unit professionally repaired, check your air filter and breaker. A dirty air filter or a breaker that has been tripped is a common cause of house calls.

A house call will always cost you money, even if the repair was simple.

Next time you need a repair, contact an HVAC company you trust – call Gagne Heating & Air Conditioning! We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and warranties on all parts and labor. We’re a family owned and operated business based in Alpharetta, GA.