Is Your Furnace Blowing Cool Air? Here’s What To Do…

A common heating issue many people run into this time of year is their furnace blowing cool air when it should be keeping your house or office warm and toasty from the late winter cold snaps. After three or four months of heavy use, some of the parts of your furnace can become worn or loose, resulting in malfunctions or a loss in heating power.

Especially after the winter we’ve had this year, breakdowns are bound to happen. Fortunately though, heaters that stop blowing warm air are often easy fixes.

If your heater is blowing cold or lukewarm air into your house, try following these 5 steps to identify the problem and see if you can fix it yourself. If not, then you may have to call an Atlanta emergency heating repairman.

Step #1

Be patient.

You’ll want to start by waiting a few minutes and seeing if the air begins to warm up. If you are a new furnace owner, you may not know that it’s perfectly normal for your heater to get going slowly, especially if it hasn’t been used in a while. Cold air builds up in the vents when the heater is off and it may take a few moments for the furnace to clear it out. If, after several minutes there is no change, then move on to the next step.

Step #2

Check the thermostat.

Next, verify that the thermostat is set to heat. One reason cool air might be coming from your heater is that someone accidentally set the temperature to cool or the fan to “on.” If the fan is set to “on,” then switch it to “auto”—that way it will only come on when the heater switches on.

Step #3

Change the filter.

Apart from human error, the most likely reason why your heater is blowing cool air is because of a dirty filter or flame sensor. Changing an air filter is simple and can easily be done without calling a repairman – however, if the flame sensor seems to be the problem then you will need the help of a professional technician. One sign that the sensor is to blame is if your furnace turns on and begins heating like normal, but then turns cold relatively quickly.

Step #4

Relight the pilot light.

If your home has an older gas furnace installed, another reason your heater could be blowing cool air is the pilot light is out. This is something that few homeowners remember to check for, but it’s an easy fix. Simply relight the pilot light and your heat should return. If not, it’s time for:

Step #5

Call a professional.

Last, there could be a mechanical or electrical component that needs to be repaired or replaced, in which case you will need to contact an HVAC repairman to come take a look at your system. Many of these fixes are cheap and easy if you catch them early, but they often turn into more serious and costly breakdowns if you delay too long.

Is your furnace or heating system blowing cold air?

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