Is Your Thermostat Dead for Good?

deciding if your thermostat is broken

deciding if your thermostat is broken

No one likes a malfunctioning thermostat, but how do you decide whether your thermostat is just malfunctioning or if you need a brand new thermostat altogether? Here are some factors that could be affecting your thermostat.

It isn’t turned on.

You may not realize it, but your thermostat could be failing to work properly because it isn’t turned on. Be sure that your thermostat is powered on and that the correct airflow option (cool or heat) is selected. Also, check to see if the selected temperature is higher (if heating the house) or lower (if cooling) than your current indoor temperature.

Dirt is building up.

You may not think of your thermostat as being dirty, but dust and smoke buildup can seriously hinder your thermostat’s mechanics. Open the thermostat cover and use compressed air to clean.

It’s in a poor location.

Your thermostat may be working perfectly, but if it’s in the wrong location within your home then it won’t affectively send signals to your AC unit. Be careful not to place your thermostat near drafty windows, doorways or direct sunlight. These can cause the internal temperature reader to be off by a few degrees.

Power isn’t flowing.

If your thermostat’s display isn’t working, it could be that your electricity is not working properly. Check your thermostat’s batteries, your circuit breaker and any fuses to see if a lack of electricity is causing your thermostat outage.

If none of these factors is the source of your problem, you may need to replace your thermostat entirely. Luckily, the experienced A/C repair technicians at Gagne AC can help. We offer both repair and installation services for any problem you’re facing. Contact us today for more information.