5 Tips for Lowering Your Business’s Cooling Costs

Running a business can be costly and we at Gagne Heating and Air Conditioning know that business owners are always looking for ways to save money. When it comes to the cost of cooling your metro-Atlanta business, there are some easy, low cost ways you can save on your cooling bill. Here are five tips to consider:

  1. Make Sure Registers Are Clear: Sometimes desks or papers can overtake vents and return registers for your A/C. Regardless of why your vents are blocked, work to keep them clear.  Not only do blocked registers make it harder for your business to cool off, they also make your air conditioner work harder to draw in return air and to blow it out of the air vents.  When your air conditioner is working too hard, it’s susceptible to breakdowns, and it’s definitely costing you more to heat or cool your business.
  2. When the Air is On, Make Sure the Door is Closed: If you have a retail business, having an open door can be good for business, but not for your energy bill. Make sure that if the door to your business is open, the air conditioner is off. You can rely on ceiling fans or cross ventilation to work to cool the indoors off when the door is open.
  3. Have an A/C Policy for Your Employees: Air conditioners are the most efficient when they’re on a set temperature for at least four hours; it can be hard to have a consistent temperature on the thermostat when employees are constantly changing it. Make a “hands-off” the thermostat policy for your employees. A good way to manage the thermostat’s settings is to use a programmable thermostat that runs on a predetermined schedule, taking meddlers out of the mix.
  4. Lower the Cooling Load for Your Business: You can take small steps to improve the energy efficiency of your business and thus reduce the cooling load. Computers that hibernate or shut off during off-hours are not only reducing their operating costs, but they’re also emitting less heat into the space your A/C has to cool down (…of course, this may be a plus in the winter months). Solar shades on east and west facing windows are a good way of keeping the sunshine in the office while reducing the amount of heat. Replacing any incandescent light bulbs with fluorescents can also lower unnecessary heat buildup.
  5. Cut Back on Air During Off-Hours: When you’re business is closed, the air conditioner setting should be cut back by ten to fifteen degrees to maximize your energy savings. Having a programmable thermostat will allow the A/C to switch back to an office hours setting well before anyone gets to work, making sure that everyone stays cool and happy.

At Gagne Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re here to help those in the Alpharetta area to achieve an enjoyable balance between comfort and energy savings at home and at your light commercial businesses. If your business is looking to upgrade A/C equipment or if requires A/C repairs, call us today. Or, continue reading on our blog for more commercial HVAC tips.