Are These 4 Common Mistakes Costing You Energy and Money?

Owning a home or business can quickly get expensive, especially if you don’t catch problems with essential appliances early as they arise or perform regular preventative maintenance.

If you want to avoid having money unnecessarily pour out of your wallets and into powering your heating and cooling system, then avoid making the following mistakes:

1. Failing to fix appliances immediately

Chances are, if one part of an appliance breaks, it will create a domino effect on the other components. For instance, a relatively minor issue such as a clogged filter can cause your appliance to run constantly, which leads to energy being wasted and eventually can result in expensive repairs if ignored. You can prevent this by paying attention to how your appliance is performing and calling a repairman at the first sign of trouble.

2. Not changing your air filters

For optimal A/C unit performance, you should change the air filter every three to six months. Failure to do so will cause your system to lose airflow and make it run longer. A heating/cooling system that is constantly running may result in overheating or freezing.

3. Creating poor conditions for your central air condensing unit

Your A/C’s condensing unit will usually have aluminum fins that work to keep debris (grass clippings, leaves, etc.) out of its coils. You should take care to remove this debris periodically to ensure your unit has proper airflow.

4. Failing to properly insulate

If you own a home or business that is properly insulated, you will see a major reduction in your heating and/or cooling costs. In addition, if you properly insulate, you could delay your system from breaking down in the future and prolong the unit’s lifespan. You should also consider insulating your attic if it’s unfinished, caulking any holes you find outside and applying weather stripping.

These are just four of the ways you can overwork your residential or commercial heating/cooling system and lose precious energy.

If you have additional concerns about your heating and cooling appliance, please call a metro-Atlanta HVAC technician today. We also have more information about energy savings and other A/C topics in our Knowledge Center and blog.