Did You Know we’re NATE Certified?

We’re not trying to brag, but we wanted to let you know that because of our commitment to our customers and to excellence in the heat and A/C industry, Gagne Heating and Air is a NATE Certified Consumer Contractor.  Don’t know what NATE Certification is? Read on to learn what it is and why it maters:

What NATE Certification Means

North American Technician Excellence, also known as NATE, is the leading, not-for-profit certifying program for those who work in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry (HVAC/R). Industry leaders developed NATE certification to bring a new level of professionalism to the heating and A/C industry while also giving consumers an easy way to recognize a well-trained technician.

How Technicians Become NATE Certified

The process of becoming NATE certified is no small task. A technician must undergo two rigorous exams that test their applied knowledge of governing principles in the heating and A/C industry.

All technicians take a core exam, which covers basic subjects that any skilled technician should know:

  • Construction principles
  • Science principles
  • Proper tool use and safety knowledge
  • Knowing how to achieve desired air conditions

In addition to this core exam a technician must also take an exam in a specialty area, such as air conditioning or gas heating. This exam is confined to either the installation or servicing of the particular specialty area. That means that if a technician wants to be certified in both the installation and servicing of air conditioning, he would have to take two different specialty exams.

The NATE certifying exams are known throughout the industry for their professional rigor. These are exams that truly test and confirm a technician’s applied skill in heating and A/C.  In fact, the NATE certification board recommends at least a couple years of industry work experience before a technician attempts the exam.

But NATE certification doesn’t just mean that a technician has a pre-determined amount of knowledge; it also means that he is staying up to date on the newest advancements in the field.

That’s because NATE certification only lasts for two years. For technicians to renew their certification, they must take at least 18 hours of approved continuing education classes in their specialty area.

NATE is For Technicians Only

NATE certification is just for technicians, not for heating and A/C companies. Gagne Heating and Air is considered a NATE Consumer Contractor since over half of our technicians are certified. Even still, it’s okay to ask any heating and A/C contractor specifically for a NATE certified technician if you want. You can even verify a technician’s certification by looking up their certifying number, which is located on the NATE patch on their shirt.

NATE Means We’re Committed to Excellence

Looking for a reliable heating and A/C company can be overwhelming. Like breakfast cereals, there are a lot of choices out there – it can be hard knowing who to trust. Choosing a NATE certified technician is one excellent way to identify professionalism and expertise in the heating and A/C industry.

At Gagne Heating and Air, we pride ourselves on our NATE certifications.  It’s always our goal to bring prompt, courteous and, above all, knowledgeable heating and A/C repair and maintenance services to homes and businesses in Sandy Springs, Chamblee, Alpharetta, Marietta, Norcross, Duluth and other communities in the metro-Atlata area.

We also want our consumers to be educated and aware– continue reading on our blog and Knowledge Center to learn more about the heating and cooling of your home or business, or contact us today to schedule an appointment or emergency service.