How to Properly Size Your A/C Ductless System

properly sizing for a ductless ac

When you go shopping for clothes, you don’t buy pants that are so skin tight you can barely pull them up, or so huge that they fall off when you walk.

Likewise, you should take the same consideration when measuring for a ductless A/C system. Just like a pair of jeans, your system won’t function properly if it’s the wrong size.

Below are several factors to consider when measuring for an A/C ductless system.

1. Consider insulation levels

Having proper insulation in each room you wish to heat and cool will help your system keep the room at a comfortable temperature.

2. Properly measure each room

If you install a system that’s too small, it will run continuously and you won’t be as comfortable. If the system is too large, you’ll have wasted money investing in a bigger system and it could fail prematurely due to turning off and on so often.

3. Hire an HVAC professional

Professional help is preferred in order to ensure that you’re making the right decision. However, if you choose to measure on your own, there are a variety of steps to take.

First, measure your room dimensions, then the area of shady and sunny glass doors and windows.

Next measure the non-glass door areas. Then answer these questions: Does the room have heat producing appliances? How many people will occupy this particular room on average?

Plug all of this information into this free online tool.

4. Consider BTUs

Measure the square footage of the room to calculate the amount of BTUs your system will need. Here’s an approximate BTU sizing guide:

350 square feet = 9,000 BTU

500 square feet = 12,000 BTU

750 square feet = 18,000 BTU

1000 square feet = 24,000 BTU

1250 square feet = 30,000 BTU

1500 square feet = 36,000 BTU

If you live in the Atlanta area, contact Gagne Heating & AC to request more information or a free quote on getting a ductless AC system installed.