Yikes! Can Heavy Rain Ruin my Air Conditioner?

how heavy rain can damage your AC

Georgian homeowners and businesses can certainly experience our fair share of heavy rain depending on the season. Fortunately, you can rest easy knowing that rain is not going to ruin your air conditioning system.

It’s hard to imagine that heavy rain will not affect the electrical components of your system, but they are designed to withstand the rain.

Most of the components within the air conditioning system are made of copper, aluminum, or metal parts. These electrical components and connections are sealed to make sure the water is unable to reach into the system.

What about flooding?

That being said, flooding is a different story. Your system is not designed to sit in water for extended periods of time. If water reaches above 15 inches, you could face a serious issue with your AC system.

There are other conditions that could possibly affect your system, such as heavy storms where there are high winds and falling objects such as tree branches. If a heavy tree lands on your air conditioning system, it could definitely cause some serious internal damage.

If you are a homeowner or business that prefers to cover your system during the harsh winter months, make certain that you use a commercially available cover with proper ventilation openings. If it does not have these opening, trapped moisture could rot the wiring and rubber in your system as well as rust and corrode any metal parts.

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