Why You Should Hire a Pro to Change Your Commercial HVAC Filter

When it comes to maintaining a commercial HVAC system, it’s best to leave it to the professionals, including changing the air filter. If you feel like changing the air filter of a commercial space – either yourself or having your maintenance crew do it – is a smart to keep costs lower, think again.

Changing commercial air filter is not as straightforward as a residential system, and improper installation can have drastic effects on your system, your air quality and your energy costs.

Air Filter Type Matters

You may already know that two factors go into selecting the correct air filter for your system: the size of the air filter and the MERV rating. Additionally, commercial air filters have different types, from V-Bank to mini-pleat, from gasket to no gasket. Which filter you use matters! Not only does the uses of your commercial space command the type of filter you need, but your system is also fine-tuned to perform with that particular filter.

In short, using an incorrect filter can cause multiple issues. If you want to “experiment” with a different filter than usual – either to improve air quality or lower energy bills – you’ll need to work with your HVAC technician to effectively meet your goals.

The Importance of Proper Air Filter Installation

Besides having the correct filter, proper installation of the filter is also key.  Commercial air filters are often held in place by brackets and a surrounding gasket.  It’s very important that the filter is properly installed within these mechanisms for it to truly work; otherwise air could travel around the air filter, lowering the air quality of your commercial space while potentially compounding unnecessary dust buildup on your HVAC system’s internal parts. This buildup of dust and particles can cause excessive wear and tear, lower efficiency and lead to unexpected system breakdowns.

When it comes to changing commercial air filters, it’s best to leave it to a commercial HVAC technician you trust. Contact Gagne today if you’re in the Alpharetta, Canton, Buckhead or metro-Atlanta areas to schedule a maintenance visit for your commercial building, or read on for commercial HVAC maintenance tips.