End-of-Year A/C Maintenance Tips

Changing air conditioner filter: Gagne Maintenance Blog

In Atlanta, Georgia, as well as nearby communities like Johns Creek, an air conditioning system is not just a good asset—it’s a necessity.

In order to stay comfortable in the humid and sticky days of summer, a properly maintained air conditioner is vital. When summer comes to an end, that doesn’t mean you can simply ignore your system. The change in seasons is the perfect time to perform routine maintenance on your AC system in preparation for winter and next summer’s brutal heat.

Below is a list of maintenance items to consider at the end of the season:

Remove trash and debris from around the air conditioning unit.

During the fall and winter months, a lot of leaves, grass and branches build up around the unit. It’s important not to leave the debris for too long because it can make the unit harder to clean and decrease the efficiency of your AC system.

Schedule a cleaning.

When the season is over, make a call and schedule a regular maintenance and cleaning from a licensed heating and air conditioning repair company like Gagne. In addition to cleaning your unit, we can also point out any potential problems before they become a costly repair. Our experienced local HVAC technicians will seal up any leaks, dust coils, clear debris and recharge the coolant levels.

Don’t wait for spring and summer to start back before calling the technician!

Change the air filter.

Air filters are very important to the overall functioning of your unit. They should be changed on a regular basis to ensure maximum efficiency. At the end of each season, go ahead and change the filter to ready your unit for its next use.

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