Carrier Corporation Working for Solar Powered Air Conditioning

The Carrier Corporation is synonymous with air conditioning; the company founder, Willis Carrier, patented the first air conditioner in 1906. Carrier’s longstanding reputation for excellence in the air conditioning business is one reason why we at Gagne Heating and Air work with Carrier products.

And while the basic principles of the air conditioner are still the same as in 1906, Carrier continues to push the bounds of industry innovation. One recent innovation of Carrier is to promote clean powered air conditioning by pairing with the company SolarCity, the nation’s largest full-service solar power provider.

Carrier customers who live within the service range of SolarCity (unfortunately not here in Northern Georgia) can consider choosing solar electricity from SolarCity to power their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products. SolarCity installs systems for homes on a 20-year lease system and at no charge. Residents then pay for the electricity generated by the solar panels at a rate that is likely lower than the standard power rate.

When a Carrier customer chooses to operate a SolarCity system, Carrier provides the customer with a $1,000 rebate to use toward HVAC system upgrades: the money can be used towards furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, packaged units, or ductless systems.

The goal of the Carrier- Solar City partnership is to make high-efficiency, solar-powered climate control systems both more accessible and more affordable. Considering that, according to the Department of Energy, the heating and cooling of our homes accounts for over half of our home’s energy bill, that’s an innovative goal.

And while those of us in the metro-Atlanta area can’t yet benefit from this energy-saving program, we can still take advantage of other ways to lower our heating and cooling costs.

The Carrier brand offers the Infinity Series with SEER ratings of up to 21. The Infiniti 98 gas furnace or the variable-speed Infinity heat pump, when used with the Infinity control offers Greenspeed Intelligence. The Greenspeed Intelligence system is not only a precision heating and cooling system, but it also is 69% more efficient than other ducted air source heat pumps.

If you aren’t ready to upgrade your heating and cooling system, small tweaks to the way you heat and cool your home, like using a programmable thermostat or making sure your duct system is well sealed and insulated, can both cut back at your energy use, and your energy bill.

We invite you to check out our All About A/C knowledge center and blog to learn more about quick DIY ways you can save energy and money at the same time.

At Gagne Heating and Air, we’re proud to work with the innovative Carrier Corporation. We’re here to help you upgrade to the most energy efficient systems available for your budget. We also provide continuing support for our customers with our Comfort Club and with emergency A/C service throughout the metro-Atlanta area.

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