The “Big Peach” Frozen by Freak Snowstorm

It’s not often that the South sees as much “furnace and fireplace” weather as we have this season. Of course, we know that cold snaps can come and go well into April, but this winter has truly been one for the record books.

By taking a look back at our most recent blog posts, you can see that we have been covering the record low temperatures and winter updates the last couple months, but no one could have prepared for the snow storm that hit Atlanta and much of the region last Tuesday (Jan. 28).

In just a matter of hours, over 2 inches of snow completely shut down metropolitan Atlanta’s roads, schools, churches, government offices and businesses. Thousands of flights were cancelled at the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson, and the entire city was brought to a standstill until late Tuesday night and early into Wednesday morning.

More the 2,000 schoolchildren spent the frigid night in classrooms, police stations or buses, separated from parents. Kids and adults alike had to camp out in supermarkets, hotels, and even their cars for up to 20 hours. Before the crisis was over, hundreds of car accidents had taken place and even a baby was delivered in a car on I-285.

However, for all the dangers of being out during this once-in-a-decade natural event, there were countless stories of good Samaritans giving a helping hand to those trapped by the snow.

Thousands of residents took to the snow-covered streets to pass out food, water, and other supplies to stranded motorists, proving that southern hospitality is still alive and well. Two Atlanta locals, who were quickly dubbed the “hot chocolate guys,” passed out free cocoa, and Chick-fil-A workers in Birmingham were out in force handing out sandwiches to anyone they could get too.

One article even reported how local baseball legend, Chipper Jones, hopped on his four-wheeler and went to the aid of a fellow ex-teammate.

Fortunately, much of the danger has now passed, but recuperating from the storm will likely be a long road. Many residents are casting criticism on how the situation was handled (or not handled) by local officials. “Folks are angry with the mayor of Atlanta, with the governor,” said 54-year-old Flavia DiCesare, who spent the night in her office.

The political and economic repercussions of the “Snowpocolypse,” as it is being called, are still being discussed, but there is one thing that the storm made crystal clear: You never really know when it comes to Mother Nature.

But while you can’t do anything about the weather, you can take preventative steps to reduce your risk of losing life-saving heat or air conditioning when the elements bare their worst. Whether it’s another snow storm, or a brutal mid-Summer heat wave, act now and get your unit professional serviced by a certified heating and A/C contractor in the metro-Atlanta region.

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And stay safe out there!!