Thinking About Renting vs Buying a Water Heater or HVAC System? Think Twice!

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When considering heating, air conditioning, and plumbing options for your residence or commercial property, quality and price are important considerations. Ultimately, it is best to find appliances or systems that make the most sense for your needs in the Atlanta, GA area. The option that provides the greatest value in the long-run is most desirable. With that in mind, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of renting vs buying when it comes to a water heater or HVAC system. Let’s get started! 

The Truth Behind Renting 

When renting a unit, whether simply a water heater or an entire HVAC system, from a leasing company, there are terms and conditions along with the agreement. Typically, there are hidden fees incurred from damage or repairs on top of monthly installments. When repairs are necessary, it’s common for the lessor to choose which heating and air conditioning contractor can repair it and when. Given that information, it could become quite inconvenient if the air conditioning unit stops working in the middle of summer and you are not scheduled to have it fixed for another week and a half. On the other hand, if you own the unit, you have more free will and flexibility as to who can repair it. 

Terms And Conditions

Renter’s agreements are full of limitations as to what the renter can or cannot do where the equipment is concerned. A no-sue clause, for instance, may be included so if anything goes wrong with the equipment, the rental company cannot be held responsible. Additionally, any damage that happens can fall on the lessee to cover, even though the leasing company is the one who will be keeping the equipment in the end. 

Perceived Value 

Even after knowing the contract conditions, the common perception is that renting is cheaper, trapping most into a troublesome renter’s contract. There are options towards the end of the contracts, sometimes, to either renew, buy the equipment outright, or pay to have it removed, all of which equate to an additional cost. 

When breaking down the cost of renting, it may be cheaper per month, but buying the equipment from the beginning is more affordable in the long-run. 

Besides avoiding some of the fees and liabilities attached to renting, there is the free-will that comes along with ownership over the equipment. Essentially, one will spend more renting the equipment over its useful life versus just purchasing it.  

Finding The Best Option 

Once you are ready for your very own heating unit, air conditioning, or water heating unit, contact our team with the leading air conditioning and heating contractors. Our air conditioning contractors are also available in the area. We’ll be glad to assist you with finding the right option for your residence or commercial property in Atlanta, GA.