Tips on Cost-Efficient Heating for Your Office

Fall is finally upon us, and winter isn’t too far behind. With the changing season comes the rising cost to heat your office building every day. In order to help you keep costs low this season, here are some tips to ensure that your employees, and budget, are as comfortable as possible.

Check Your HVAC recommends scheduling a maintenance check-up with your local HVAC contractor soon to ensure that your system is running properly. Regularly checking filters and other HVAC equipment throughout the season will also improve your HVAC’s performance and guarantee maximum cost-efficient heating. Check on any alternative HVAC systems that are more energy-efficient and consider them for your needs.

Adjust Thermostat Responsibly

Keep thermostat adjustments as low as is comfortable during the colder months. If possible with your system, turn the thermostat to a low temperature in sections of the office that are not in use, or keep doors to those areas shut. Before leaving, make sure that the thermostat is not set to heat the office overnight.

Be Aware of any Leaks

Inquire about the possibility of any air leaks throughout the office, especially if the building is an older one. Make sure any leaks are properly caulked and trouble windows are covered with plastic sealers or are repaired timely by professionals.

Use the Sun

It may sound like a futile attempt, but using the sun’s natural energy to heat office space can prove an efficient way to cut down the energy bill. Keep blinds open to maximize the sun’s warming potential throughout different rooms in the office. There’s nothing more cost-efficient or energy-saving than free heat from Mother Nature!

Encourage Employee Involvement

Inform employees about these different ways they can help cut heating costs around the office, and have everyone pitch in. Perhaps even propose some kind of award if the office meets it efficient energy goals (i.e. pizza party, gift card, etc.). The benefit of these actions will increase if the entire office becomes involved and conscientious of energy savings.

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