What to Check If Your Heat Isn’t Working

Maybe you came home from work and walked straight into an icebox that was your cozy home when you left in the morning, or maybe the chill snuck up on you while you were watching the latest episode of House of Cards.

Suddenly, you realize your heat is out. Now what?

While help is always just around the corner with Gagne’s emergency repairs, there are a few things you can check before you make a service call:

1) Check the Thermostat: There are a couple of things you want to check out at your furnace’s mission control. Is the heat setting at least three degrees above what the current temperature reads? If not, try turning the heat up and seeing if you get a response. Also, make sure that the heat is turned on (sounds silly, but it happens) and that the fan is switched to auto.

2) Check the Pilot Light: Gas, propane, and oil furnaces have pilot lights that occasionally go out. A good indication that a pilot light is out is if your heating system is blowing out cold air. You should be able to see the pilot light running in your furnace. If not, you can follow the directions located on your furnace to reignite the flame. If you have problems or concerns about lighting the pilot light on your own, call a service professional.

3) Check Your Fuel Level: Sometimes you might just need some more propane!

4) Check the Breaker Box: If your heat isn’t running at all, go to your electrical panel to determine if you’ve tripped a breaker. If you reset your breaker and the furnace trips it again, you should call in the professionals.

5) Check Your Exhaust: Newer, high-efficiency furnaces have safety mechanisms that cut the system off if the exhaust from the house is blocked. This safety mechanism helps prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Go to the outside of your home, where your furnace exhaust is. Is the opening blocked by an object or debris? If so, clear the blockage and try the heat again.

When it comes to matters of furnace failures, safety should always come first.  After you’ve checked the basics, don’t hesitate to call for help. Gagne Heating and Air is available anytime for those in the greater Atlanta area, including in Alpharetta, Canton and Sandy Springs.