Replacing Your Light Commercial HVAC System

When it’s time to replace your light commercial system, you may think that you can just go with something similar to the previous model. But the truth is that HVAC systems have come a long way in the last twenty years. And since heating and cooling account for over 50% of a commercial building’s annual energy use, it pays to get your system right.

Here are four tips from Gagne’s technicians that will help maximize your investment:

1) Make sure you get the right sized system

According to the Consortium of Energy Efficiency, nearly a quarter of all rooftop HVAC systems are oversized. Oversized HVAC systems can result in several long-term problems, including:

  • Increased energy costs
  • Increased equipment wear
  • Decreased occupant comfort

Making sure that you have the right sized commercial system for your space pays off in the long run.

2) Work with a NATE certified contractor

Obviously, you’re most likely to rely on an HVAC contractor to choose the right sized system for your building. Unfortunately, though, the HVAC industry has its fair share of unreliable contractors.  Choose an HVAC business with NATE certified technicians. NATE stands for National Association of Technical Excellence- it’s the professional certification association for the HVAC industry. You can learn more about NATE in our blog,  Did You Know We’re NATE Certified?

3) Consider Energy Star Options

When updating your system, consider purchasing the most energy-efficient system that your budget can allow.  While Energy Star products save money in residential applications, they really save energy and money on the light commercial scale. According to Energy Star, a qualified HVAC system saves a business around $1.70 a square foot over the lifetime of the equipment. While that may not sound like much, it adds up quickly. In a 12,000 square foot space, the HVAC system could save more that $21,000 over its lifetime. It also greens your business’s footprint, preventing greenhouse emissions of over 40,000 pounds!

4) Talk with your contractor about advanced technologies

There are other ways that you can make the most out of your HVAC system. Here are three options you may want to consider incorporating:

  • Programmable thermostats are a cheap upgrade with a quick payback period on your investment. These thermostats are great for businesses that follow a set schedule.
  • Demand controlled ventilation (DCV) systems can be a great choice for spaces that have variable occupancy levels. The system measures occupancy of a space and, when low, reduces heating or cooling.
  • Consider zoning systems, which used motorized vents and multiple thermostats to zone heat your business.

When it comes to heating and cooling your Atlanta business, Gagne Heating and Cooling can help ensure that you have the best HVAC system to fit your commercial building’s needs.  Contact our Alpharetta-based office today for sales, service, and repairs in the metro-Atlanta area, or keep reading for more tips on Lowering your business’s cooling costs.