Suffering from Dry, Stuffy Air? Here are 3 Possible Causes

Do you wake up day after day feeling like your eyes are dry and your nose is stuffy? While the cooler winter temperatures of Georgia give us a little break from the humidity of summer, the lower humidity that cold weather brings, combined with poor indoor air quality, can leave any Atlanta resident feeling under the weather.

But you don’t have to needlessly suffer from dry, stuffy air. Here are three possible causes and solutions to your home’s Sahara Desert:

1)     Leaky Ductwork: This might sound strange, but your ductwork can have a big impact on your home’s air quality. Often, old ductwork has leaks and holes in the metal. Through these cracks and crevices, you not only loose heat into unimproved spaces, but dust and debris from the basement or attic is blown directly into your home’s living areas. Properly sealing your ductwork can help reduce that stuffy feeling in your home’s air, and save you quite a few dollars on the energy bill.

2)     Unsealed Attic: Just like unsealed ductwork, a leaky and un-insulated or under-insulated attic can allow unwanted air movement and outdoor debris into your home. You can detect a leaky attic if certain areas in your home are particularly dusty and prone to being cold.

3)     Suffering Relative Humidity Levels: Last, but not least, stuffy and dry air can be thanks to your beloved heat pump or furnace. Low humidity caused by your heat system can make you feel terrible, and also make it seem colder despite turning up the heat since dry air holds heat poorly. One way to improve your indoor humidity by having a whole house humidifier installed.

Having clean air and clear sinuses is not only more comfortable; it’s also better for your health. If you’re suffering from poor indoor air quality, Gagne Heating and Air Conditioning can help.

Our indoor air quality experts have been providing clean air solutions to families and business in Atlanta, Alpharetta and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. Call us today to request more information or set up an appointment.