6 Signs of Heater Failure

signs of heater failure. schedule heating repairs with gagne.

Over time, your heater may develop problems largely due to poor maintenance or wear and tear. A malfunctioning heater not only undermines the comfort of your living space but also poses potential health risks. In this light, there are several signs you can watch out for to determine whether you need a heating system service.

Family Health Issues

Health issues such as nausea, dizziness, and dull headache could indicate a serious problem. When a loved one constantly complains about these issues, you should consider getting your home tested for a carbon monoxide leak. Heaters that are not stored right or working properly can release toxic fumes into the home, putting you and your loved ones at risk.


Generally, heaters will last for between 15 and 20 years. For those who do not know the age of their system or have systems approaching the end of their useful life, it is important to get the unit checked before winter. It is a good idea to have heaters that were installed more than 15 years ago replaced.

Unexplained High Energy Bills

When a heater does not run efficiently, you are likely to experience higher-than-normal utility bills. The system will be struggling to keep up with your needs, leading to an unusual spike in power bills. In case you have an old heater, you can consider replacing it with a newer, more efficient unit.

The Heating Unit is Noisy

A heating system that works properly should not be unusually noisy. If you start to hear strange noises, something could be wrong with the blower wheel or motor. Whenever possible, the heating system should be shut off immediately as you wait for a technician to inspect it.

Telltale noises of furnace trouble - signs of heater failure

The Heating Unit Runs Constantly

There are times when your unit will run consistently beyond the expected period due to inefficiencies that can be resolved through cleaning and routine maintenance. A blockage in the ductwork or an improperly sized unit can cause uneven temperatures throughout the home. You should get a professional to fix these problems before your heater fails completely.

Frequent Repairs

When the costs of repairs and maintenance are climbing year after year, this may be a sign that your unit is failing. Frequent repairs will end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. Depending on the root cause of the problem, you may want to replace the unit with a new one.

In a nutshell, it is advisable to call in an HVAC expert to check your heater and determine if it’s in peak condition. At Gagne, we have decades of industry experience, a factor that allows us to handle a wide range of tasks. Contact us today to learn more about our heating system repair in Alpharetta, GA, and the surrounding areas.