Advancements in Technology for More Efficient HVAC Systems

As we are heading into the third decade of the millennium, technological advancements in our society have increased at an astonishing pace, and it doesn’t seem like it is going to slow down any time soon. Though smartphones and robotics are huge players in new tech, HVAC systems have also been consistently updating and integrating more efficient and complex technology for the benefit of our environment and our wallets. We have come a long way from Bob Cratchit’s single-coal stove at the law firm of Scrooge & Marley!  

At Gagne Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide top AC repair services in and around Alpharetta, GA, and we are constantly on the lookout for better ways to cool our clients’  households.  Modern technology, as you can see, has brought some marvelous innovations to the forefront of HVAC systems development, allowing us to cool our homes in ways that we would have never imagined! 

New Developments in Air Conditioning Tech

When it comes to AC technology, the Building Technologies Office of the United States Department of Energy is leading the way with experimental cooling designs of the last few years in an effort to greatly reduce environmental impact and increase energy efficiency. 

  • The DOE, in conjunction with the University of Florida, has developed a prototype system that combines a dehumidifier, water heater, and air cooler for more efficacious energy transfers.
  • Connecticut’s United Technologies Research Center explored advanced tech to create a heat pump with the ability to cool a space without using chemical refrigerants. This project is even more topical as we near the full R-22 refrigerant ban in the U.S. 
  • Another project with the goal of reducing the need for chemical refrigerants is the membrane-based rooftop AC unit by Dais Analytics in Florida and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which is under contract by the DOE. This air conditioner would use water as a replacement refrigerant, providing residential buildings with environmentally-conscious and efficient dehumidification control.

The greatest minds from around the world, including those from prestigious universities and the DOE’s labs, are working to develop advanced HVAC systems through unique methods and technological advancements. We at Gagne Heating & Air Conditioning, the leaders in air conditioning repairs in and around Alpharetta, GA, are excited to see where and what new technology will bring us. 

If you have any questions about HVAC technology or are looking for expert technicians to repair or replace your air conditioner, give us a call today!