Reduce Energy Costs and Keep Employees & Customers Warm With These 3 Commercial Heating Tips

As a regional leader in gas heater repairs in Alpharetta, GA, and the surrounding communities, you can always count on Gagne Heating & Air Conditioning to answer your service calls. But we also understand that your heating needs aren’t always going to be urgent — like the need to reduce energy costs while also ensuring that the occupants of your commercial building are staying warm through the winter. So, we put together this blog post to offer business owners and commercial property managers three tips to save money and stay warm during cold weather. Let’s take a closer look!

Tip #1: Check Windows for Drafts

Windows that aren’t properly sealed can be a major source of energy loss for heating systems. The small gaps between the window and its housing can be a major source of drafts that bring unwanted cold air into commercial buildings. If you notice a draft, you should find a way to seal the window to prevent more cold air from entering the building. You can match the color of the seal with the color of the window frame to ensure this upgrade is as discreet as possible so that the aesthetic appeal of your building’s interior is not ruined.

Tip #2: Minimize Thermostat Adjustments

Frequent thermostat adjustments can be another major source of wasted energy. Your heating system uses extra energy when it is prompted to match the room temperature to the temperature entered into the thermostat. Ideally, your thermostat should stay at a constant temperature throughout the day. This tip is especially important for businesses and offices that are located in extremely large buildings — the heating system may need to run for many hours in order to effectively modify the temperature of the entire building.

Tip #3: Educate Building Occupants

It’s important for the occupants of your building — particularly employees who can access the thermostat — to understand the impact of adjusting this device or keeping windows and doors open. Once they have a better understanding of the financial implications of this issue, they’ll be more likely to comply with your requests. 

Reduce Energy Costs with Heating Maintenance

While being mindful of the above tips is a great way to ensure the occupants of your commercial building remain warm indoors, you should certainly invest in routine heating maintenance. In the infographic below, we’ll review some of the top benefits of heating maintenance and how it will ensure comfort throughout your building:

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