Three Reasons To Love Smart Thermostats

If you haven’t bought one already, you’ve probably at least heard some of the hype about smart thermostats like nest and the ecobee—thermostats that monitor your daily living conditions to make the control of your heating and cooling system effortless and almost forgettable.

At $250-$500, these thermostats are no small investment. For many people, a programmable thermostat may be just effective in achieving both overall comfort and energy savings. But for others, smart thermostats can revolutionize the heating and cooling of their home.

You may truly benefit from a smart thermostat if:

You Travel A Lot:

The Atlanta area is full of those whose job or lifestyle involves a lot of travel. And while no one wants to pay to heat an empty house, coming home to a house that’s very uncomfortable certainly isn’t fun. Smart thermostats can help solve those problems for good. You can regulate the temperature of your home from wherever you are through the use of your smart phone or tablet. That means that you can cut back your heat before you leave town and turn it back up via your smart phone on your layover coming home, allowing you to have both comfort and savings.

You’re Always Fidgeting with Thermostat:

There are a lot of people who are just never satisfied with the temperature of a room: they’re too hot or too cold, but rarely happy. As they fidget with the thermostat they also put extra wear and tear on their heating and cooling system, which has to work harder to keep up with the frequently changing requests.

You Don’t Pay Much Attention to Your Cooling System, Ever:

The opposite of the thermostat fidgeter is the thermostat avoider. If you leave your thermostat at the same temperature most of the time, you might love the energy savings that a smart thermostat will earn you. These thermostats respond to your patterns of daily living to maximize comfort while you’re home and to amp up energy savings while you’re away or sleeping. Some of these thermostats will also alert you when you need to change your air filters (…yes, that’s actually something you should be doing) or when to call your A/C maintenance and repairman for routine service.

Smart thermostats are just another exciting innovation that having a growing impact on a home’s heating and cooling systems. At Alpharetta-based Gagne’s Heating and Cooling, we’re here to help with your smart thermostat installation, as well as all of your general A/C maintenance and repair needs.

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